Welcome to Yoga on the Bay -
St. Lucia's leading Yoga Studio and the sole provider of Iyengar Yoga in the island.


As the West Indian trade wind cools your skin and flows through your hair its tropical sun warms the body, creating a meditative
peaceful state where dreams are born.

Having a Yoga experience here on this tropical island paradise brings one closer to the ecstatic value of nature and its surroundings.

Visit the Yoga community of St Lucia and find the friendliness of our studio to be an experience that will remain with you.

YOGA ST LUCIA located in Rodney Bay, at Harmony Suites hotel is the only Yoga studio on the island, we are fully equipped with all the basic props needed for beginners and those who are well seasoned in the practice of Yoga.

We offer classes in Basic Fundamentals for those whose have never experienced Yoga but would love to find the benefits of this
ancient art, science and philosophy.

Level I classes are for those who are familiar with the basic asanas (poses).

Level II is for the more seasoned practicioner who has experienced Level I classes and can follow the class with a knowledge of the
language and understanding of the teaching.

Our Gentle Yoga classes for Seniors are great for maintaining, strength, flexibility and optimum health.

Our Yoga instructors are experienced and well trained in the Iyengar tradition experiencing workshops and teacher training throughout each year to expand our knowledge of teaching so that we may pass this knowledge on to those who have the experience of practicing with us.

We also offer Children’s Yoga, Pilates, Salsa, and Dance Fusion.

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                                                                BALENBOUCHE RETREAT
                                                              ONCE A SUGAR PLANTATION
                                                            YOGA IN THE OLD SUGAR BARN
                                                               2 YOGA CLASSES PER DAY

                                                             EARLY MORNING PRANAYAMA
                                                                        GREAT FOOD!