Jill Hagar

Jill Hagar, Certified Junior Intermediate I Iyengar Yoga Teacher,  Director of YOGA on the BAY has been practicing Yoga from a very young age. Traveling extensively most of her life has given her the opportunity to experience many types of Yoga worldwide. In 1996 she was introduced to the teachings of BKS Iyengar who is known to be the foremost authority of Hatha Yoga in the world today. Iyengar Yoga encompasses a broad spectrum of Asanas (poses) and Pranayamic (breathing) techniques including recuperative-therapeutic poses. The poses are designed to regulate the life force in the body in order to balance and strengthen it. The by-product of the practice of this Yoga is health and well being.

Jill has studied with some of the most qualified teachers worldwide who have studied with the Iyengar family for more then 30 years.

In November of 2006 she attended the Iyengar Institute of Puna, India for 30 days to study with the Iyengar family. To be accepted into this program one must be sponsored by a senior teacher & have studied Iyengar Yoga for a minimum of 8 yrs. She had to have taken workshops and classes with senior teachers, have a regular practice including inverted poses such as headstand & shoulder stand. Each pose must be held for 8-10 minutes.

In May of 2007 she attended the Iyengar convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. Geeta Iyengar traveled from India to conduct 4 days of classes for teachers & students who have practiced this style of Yoga for 4 years or more.

She has also attended the New England Convention in 2009, the Maitri Convention 2012 in Washington DC, and the Sarvahavma Convention 2013 in San Diego, California all Iyengar

Jill was featured on the cover of “Yoga Vitalitat Erhalten” (Keep Yoga Your Vitality), an illustrated book of Yoga postures & their effects. Published in Germany.

To be an Iyengar teacher of Yoga one must gain the knowledge of the anatomy of the human body, learn the ancient Sanskrit names of the Yoga poses, study the Yoga Sutras which is the philosophy of Yoga, learn basic & common medical problems which affect our everyday lives & teach the student the correct way of moving into & experiencing each pose with proper alignment.

Jill continues to study, attend workshops, teacher training and conventions through the year.

Lenka Odlum

After several years as a dedicated student of yoga Lenka's strong desire to deepen and share her love of yoga led her to her 200 hour Ashtanga based teaching certification with Greenpath Yoga, directed by Clayton Horton, at the Yoga Society of San Francisco Brahmananda Ashram. Her training served as a solid foundation from which to dive into the vast world of yoga studies and practices.

She has been a student of Jill Hagar since early 2009 and under her guidance started to teach at Yoga on the Bay studio in October 2011. She had become a passionate student of Iyengar tradition and had been assisting Jill in her classes, using every opportunity to learn and share this beautiful art of yoga. Lenka attended workshops with Marti Parker-Krauss and John Schumacher which were held in Saint Lucia.

During her stay in Bay Area, California she received a certificate in Massage Therapy and presently study Ayurvedic Healing in connection to Yoga.

Pauline Frederick

Pauline Frederick is a fully qualified British Fitness Instructor with a passion for converting people to ENJOY exercise and fitness. Taking a holistic approach, she advocates healthy lifestyle, offering exercise which is gentle on the body, healthy for the mind and does wonders for the waistline! Magic it is not, she makes you work hard, but the results are worth it.

Using Pilates techniques as a base for many of her toning classes, she hosts a variety of classes around the island. This approach is ideal for those with joint pain and arthritis, but also challenging for the more able client. Pilates itself is a tool to reduce back pain by strengthening the abdominal region, so also idea for those people suffering with back conditions.

In addition to teaching classes, Pauline also offers a Personal Training option for those who prefer one on one sessions.